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Medical Billing & Coding Career!

  • Careers are projected to grow 20% by 2018 [1]
  • Medical Billers & Coders held 172,500 jobs in 2008 [2]
  • You could earn your degree in as little as 1-2 years [3]

Why Are Medical Billing & Coding Careers Perfect For Moms?

For starters, moms are excellent record keepers and communicators—two qualities that are essential to being a good Medical Biller or Coder. Plus, as a Medical Biller or Coder, you could work in the rewarding health care field and stay home with your children! What could be better than that? Put your skills to work and pursue a career as a Medical Biller or Coder, today!

What Do Medical Billers & Coders Do?

Medical Billers and Coders provide hospitals and insurance companies with important information that is needed to communicate daily. While Medical Billing and Coding go hand-in-hand, and are often performed by the same professionals, they are distinctly different jobs: Medical Billers handle insurance claims and patient bills. Medical Billers submit and track insurance claims, communicate with insurance companies, and ensure that insurance companies pay medical providers. Medical Coders sort, file, and maintain patient records. Medical coders assign codes that are used to classify a diagnosis or procedure in a medical office. The classification system is then used to determine the amount of money that healthcare providers will receive from insurance companies.

Do I Need A Degree To Pursue A Career As A Medical Biller Or Coder?

Yes. Most Medical Billing and Coding positions do require at least a Certificate or Associate’s degree in Medical Billing and Coding. You could also choose to pursue a specialty certification in the field. Many Medical Billing and Coding students go on to pursue Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in the medical field as well. As a Medical Billing and Coding student you will have the opportunity to learn important communication and organizational skills that will help you to work with healthcare providers and insurance companies. Your classes will likely cover subjects such as:
  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Billing Methods
  • Medical Coding Methods
  • Insurance Methodology
  • Administrative Skills

Earn Your Degree Mom! You Deserve It!

Today, you can earn your degree in Medical Billing and Coding online from the comfort of home. Take advantage of all the benefits online education can offer you and stay home with your kids while you pursue your dreams! Online learning has opened the door to millions of busy, working moms like you. Now it’s your turn. You’ll actually get more attention in online classes than you would in a traditional classroom environment, and you can do it all from home—at a time that works best for you.

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Simply click the button below and we’ll match you to online Medical Billing and Coding programs tailor-made for moms! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your goals and a knowledgeable Advisor will contact you to answer all of your questions about online classes, tuition, financial aid qualifications and more. There’s no commitment. Get 100% free and valuable information designed to help you reach your goals and beyond! Start here, go places! Sources: [1] Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical Assisting job growth. [2] Bureau of Labor Statistics, Jobs held in 2008. [3] Bureau of Labor Statistics, Education and training required.[4] Bureau of Labor Statistics, Percent working in hospitals. [5] Bureau of Labor Statistics, Salary average by industry.

Career Facts:

Nearly 40% of Medical Billers and Coders work for hospitals, which are known for offering some of the best benefits around! [4]

In as little as 1-2 years, you could be on your way to a rewarding new career…

Starting Salaries

Average By Industry [5]


Federal Executive Branch


General Hospitals


Nursing Care Facilites


Outpatient Care Centers


Offices Of Physicians